About this blog, and Dr. Chalmer

Welcome to Ask Dr. Chalmer! On this blog, Dr. Bruce Chalmer answers your questions about relationships, marriage, couples therapy, and more.

A couple ground rules:

First, this isn’t therapy. It’s a conversation in which Dr. Chalmer and your fellow posters offer some ideas, but we’re not in a therapeutic relationship. If you’re interested in therapy with Dr. Chalmer, visit his practice website.

Second, Dr. Chalmer welcomes your comments! Feel free to offer your own point of view, even if it differs from his. All comments are moderated to ensure that the tone of this space remains constructive and caring. Please be respectful of your fellow posters who take the risk of telling their stories and expressing their views. As my forthcoming book puts it, “Be kind, don’t panic, and have faith.”

About Dr. Chalmer

Dr. Bruce Chalmer has been helping individuals, couples, and families in private practice in Vermont for over thirty years. He brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people with warmth and humor, and a deep respect for the dignity of each person.

Dr. Chalmer’s therapeutic style reflects his understanding that we heal primarily through relationship.  While his work is informed by his expertise in research methods (on the way to his Ph.D. in psychology, he obtained a Master’s degree in statistics, and wrote a textbook on the subject, published in 1986), and he incorporates research-based techniques in his work, Dr. Chalmer recognizes that the power of therapy is in human connection.  He is guided by theory, but sees you as a person, not a diagnosis.

Dr. Chalmer’s background and active participation in Jewish tradition is a central influence on his work.  He has wide experience counseling people of many faiths for whom spirituality and religion are central.

Dr. Chalmer is married, with three adult children and two adult stepchildren.

Dr. Chalmer and his wife, Judy Alexander

His other notable interests include musical composition, performance, and choral directing.  His work Berakhot: A Midrash Cantata was recorded by the Fyre and Lightning Consort and released on CD in 2005, and he is a member of Social Band, which has also performed his compositions and arrangements.  His work Come Inside: A Midrash on Genesis 18:1 was first performed in 2006.  Some of his Jewish liturgical music has been published by Transcontinental Music.